Accelerating tourism’s impact on jobs. Lessons from market system analysis in seven countries

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Article from International Labour Organization

By Steve Hartrich& Daniela Martinez, April 2020

Tourism is an important sector in many developing countries. Globally, it has been the highest generator of new employment and its importance will continue as long-term growth is expected to continue over the next 10 years. Positive growth in tourism has positive knock-on effects in supporting sectors such as agriculture, construction, manufacturing, retail, handicrafts, and financial services – one new job in tourism creates one and a half indirect jobs.   Tourism can be inclusive too. It offers opportunities for women, youth, and other marginalised groups such as migrants, indigenous and tribal peoples. It creates jobs for people of all ages and skill levels and provides opportunities for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) – enterprises of fewer than ten people employ almost half the workforce.

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Annie Young es la fundadora de la empresa pionera de turismo responsable EcoCircuitos Panamá, presidenta y cofundadora de la Fundación Panameña para el Turismo Sostenible y miembro del Consejo Nacional de Turismo de Panamá desde 2017. Es activista por los viajes solidarios en Panamá. Ella cree en brindar oportunidades a las comunidades indígenas y rurales y fomenta el desarrollo sostenible de la industria turística de Panamá a través de alianzas estrategias en la industria turística. "Los elementos centrales en todas experiencia real de viaje debe centrarse en mantener los impactos ambientales al mínimo, al mismo tiempo que se maximizan los beneficios para las comunidades locales de acogida". - Annie Young